Friday, April 9, 2010

an otter......

Yesterday at work I had a VERY nice KNOW how I love nice surprises!

I had been asked by the art teacher to come see her in class.
I went in and she handed me this year's financial report for the parish.

It was opened to a pretty picture.....that Curly Girl had drawn!

I was soooooo excited. A picture she had drawn had been selected to be shown in the report...which is a pretty big deal.
I thanked the teacher and told her I couldn't WAIT to see the original and have it framed.
Then said told me there was ANOTHER surprise! She had submitted the picture to an art exhibit being held in the Governor's mansion. The exhibit showcases art from all the schools in the state.

Guess what? (you know already...right?)

Curly Girl's was ACCEPTED!

She told me that you never know when (or if) you'll get the original back so that is why she gave me a copy of the report.

Now we wait to find out WHEN the exhibit is so we can all truck over there...and see it in person.

So...forgive the picture of the picture (taken at night)...but I'm so proud of her.

Congratulations sweetie!