Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Curly Girl made some 'Meranimals' the other day.
I love to see some of the creatures she comes up! She has such a vivid imagination.
She was so proud of these she took them to show her after school art teacher.
Her teacher (Miss Margie) said 'these are the types of things judges like to see in competition because they are so original.'
You should have SEEN the smile on Curly Girl's face. It lit up the entire room and she was STILL smiling when I picked her up!
She hasn't entered any competitions yet, but maybe that compliment will give her the push she needed!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Curly Girl just finished this little kitty in her after school art class! Isn't he GORGEOUS!

She named him Leo, after her own kitty at home, "Leonardo Da Kitty."

Check out his eyes.....she tried to make them glow and experimented on her own.....I think she did a beautiful job.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tissue box condos.......

Curly Girl was at it again this weekend. She had me save up a bunch of tissue boxes for a few weeks, then she took them into her room to 'create' something for her little pets. I always know where to look when my tape goes missing!

She made this giant 'condo.'
It is soooooooo cute in person. You can't see all the details in these photos....like the little beds inside the boxes and the little stairs and windows, etc.
There are too many details to share....and she isn't even finished. The 3 boxes on the left are still 'under construction!'

Here is the 'back' of it.... You can see the little ramp and the little shutters from this angle.

I really like the little boat she made this time around. The little star shaped piece on the right side is the steering wheel....I didn't realize it was supposed to stand up until after I took the photo. Sorry Curly Girl!
She won't be happy that her pets fell down while I was moving it for its photo! Guess I'd better set them up in a hurry!

She and her friend played with it all weekend.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Doodle........

Curly Girl created another fantasy creature...........this one is a 'zebra, tiger and dragonfly'.........

Her name is Lily and the creature is called a "Zegerfly."

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Curly Girl was doodling yesterday when I picked her up from school. As I drove up, I could see her slide something away. She likes to surprise me when she gets in the car.

She presented it to me with a flourish........but cracked me up because when I asked what it was she said 'I don't know....' Basically, it is a tortoise, unicorn and dragon fantasy creature.

She later dubbed it a "Tragon." So there you go!