Thursday, July 31, 2008


This is another picture Curly Girl did at her summer art class. She was very particular about wanting to draw a picture of a dolphin splashing into the water. She was THRILLED when she found something to use in class.
She has a 'thing' for dolphins so this one is really special to her!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A story about a bunny....

A little over a week ago, Curly Girl went with me to the pet store so I could exchange a couple fish for our aquarium. As we were walking up to the check out, she went to look at the cute little bunnies.
She yelled out for me to come look at the baby bunnies. Well, I had been to the same store an hour earlier (different story) and there were no BABY bunnies. So I walk over and sure enough there are 3 little teeny weeny, itsy bitsy, bald as a cucumber baby bunnies. They were freezing as the mom had just popped them out without a nest and hopped away.
So, Curly Girl DASHED to the front squealing with delight about the cute baby bunnies and the lady (who helped me before) said 'uh, we don't HAVE any baby bunnies..." Curly Girl and I replied "YES you do!" Actually, I said, 'you do NOW' and made a comment about bunny birth control.
Well all ---- broke out as they dashed around getting a separate cage for DADDY who apparently killed the last babies....just a few short weeks earlier. (I guess what THEY say about bunnies is true.)
After all the chaos, Curly Girl walked out very pleased with herself that she had 'saved' the babies from that MEAN daddy bunny.
So, here is the picture she drew of the momma bunny:

Sunday, July 13, 2008

'Blogworthy' Doodles.......

The last several weeks, we have had a lot of company...both from out of town and from local friends having sleepovers.
So I wasn't surprised the other day when Curly Girl announced she was needing some 'down time.' She sometimes just needs to play by herself, be alone and decompress.

When she was very young she would say, "No mommy, I play by self." It was her way of saying that she wanted to be A L O N E.

That being said, she spent 2-3 days without friends, just building with her legos, singing to herself, loving on the pets..especially Leo, cutting and doodling. She also did quite a bit of snuggling with me :-)

Here are 3 little doodles she did and then brought them to me for her blog. She always asks....'are these blogworthy?'

These 2 are more of her "Fire and Water" dragons.....even without color, you can already see more detailing in this pair than in the ones she did in March.

And here is a Sad faced little puppy....

So cute!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Little Flower

Here is a new project for Curly Girl. We've been so busy with company that I didn't realize I hadn't been posting her art work! I love this little fawn..........she named her "Little Flower."

Isn't she lovely!

Bambi....where are you?