Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tissue box 'pet town'

I told you my daughter likes art....but I forgot to mention that she wants to be an architect.

About every 6 weeks, she will ask us to start collecting tissue boxes.
Then, she will go into her room and design a 'town' of some sort. She has done many of these....from bedrooms to malls. Most have sleeping quarters, kitchens, playrooms....the lot.
This one is a modest 'pet town' for her growing stash of pet shop critters. (Although she has the giant sets that come with the critters, she wanted something special for them. )

This one has a daycare, several ladders that go to the next level, a trapdoor in case of a fire or other emergency, a sun deck, a play room and just some 'rooms to hang out in.'

It will last about a week or so and then she'll come home from school and ditch it.

Then we wait until next time.......

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