Thursday, May 5, 2011

stamp carving

Kaela carved an Easter basket stamp in her art class at school. She brought home this image she had made with it.

You can't see how intricate the eggs in the basket are...just so sweet!

I love it and can't wait to use it for Easter cards next year.......


Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Does Kaela still have all her fingers? I would have cut myself pretty bad if I tried this.

This is a great craft for Kaela to learn. Now when she has a drawing she really likes she can make stamps from it.

People make money all the time from making stamps.

Great job Kaela!!! Keep up the good work!

jillytacy said...

This is so cool! It will be a great Easter card image for next year.
Very inspiring! I would love to learn how to carve a stamp.

1BlessedNatural said...

I love this stamp! I agree with Robin, about cutting your fingers lol. Job well done!