Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bamboo 'pens'

Curly Girl's last day in art was Monday. She is pretty bummed about it because she was really enjoying the class.
I have her enrolled in art this Summer though.....and she wants me to teach her how to make mosaics and crochet and sew.........she is getting ambitious!

She made these neat Bamboo pens and then got to draw with them. She said it was kind of difficult using the pen at first. She asked me to buy her some ink so she can practice over the Summer..........


Zoƫ said...

That is way cool. I bet that is really hard to draw with. Keep it up

Laurah said...

The bamboo pens look very interesting! Looks like a lot of fun to learn to make. I remember making feather quill pens in grade school (late 80s).
Good luck learning to crochet!