Sunday, May 4, 2008

"Blog worthy" Llama

Curly girl brought me this picture yesterday...asking if it was 'blog worthy.'
Cracks me up....she has little 'isms' just like the rest of the family.
At first glance, I thought to myself ...hmm...she has drawn better horses. Luckily I didn't say anything as she quickly announced "its a Llama."
Oh....if I'd taken then time to READ the top of the paper, I would have seen the word LLAMA at the top of the page.
Its a great Llama.....


Tracey said...

All of your work you have done is blog worthy!! Keep up the great work. The Llama is most impressive. You do such a great job drawing animals!

About Me said...

Big, tough, angry llama!

I totally agree with Tracey. Keep drawing and keep sharing :)

MomP said...

Great detail on this one also. I just love coming here to see what is new!